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Re: (ITS#4347) ldap hang for update

Here is the answer:

- using database ldbm
Yes we are.

- compiled without threads support
We didn't compile slapd as it came part of the operating environment
that we installed. I think it is compiled with thread support.

thanks. Li

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:

Somehow in config it saids LDAPv3.
The slapd or ldapsearch, ldapmodify I'm using is version 2.2.13

2.2.13 sounds more reasonable; but 2.2 series is no longer maintained.

the update or add to any objectclass.

Sounds like you're using the LDBM backend,

... or slapd was compiled without threads support.

Can you answer the two above questions?

- using database ldbm
- compiled without threads support


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