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Re: (ITS#4316) proxycache attrsets

>> Don't forget access control issues; I think by playing with attrsets
>> they
>> can be limited, e.g. by only caching public searches or so.  In any
>> case,
>> I'd leave the possibility to define attrsets.
> I really don't see that allowing subsets of attrsets to work as desired
> has any impact on the overall access control policies.

I mean: remember that pcache suffers from the access control issue, i.e.
caching depends on the identity that first issued a certain operation, so
lookups of cached data may either return a subset of the requested data,
which is bad, or, in case the proxy's ACLs do not comply with those of the
remote server, even in a superset, which is even worse.  So searching all
attrs by default sounds like risking further exposure of data in those


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