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Re: (ITS#4314) C API for paged results

At 11:00 PM 1/8/2006, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>On Sun, 2006-01-08 at 23:49 +0000, Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>> At 02:06 PM 1/8/2006, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> >ldap_create_page_control() uses ldap_create_page_control_value() and
>> >should be deprecated, IMHO, as it favors an inefficient style of using
>> >controls in C programming. 
>> Why add routines that should be deprecated?
>In general, I'm __preserving__ routines that should be deprecated,
>adding what I believe to be better replacements, and reworking the
>deprecated ones in terms of the non-deprecated.  Paged results is an
>exception, because they are just being added and there appears to be
>already a commonly accepted API. 

Yes, but our deprecated API isn't the same as this
"commonly accepted API".

Our prototypes do differ from theirs.  In particular, the
sizes of some integer values passed by pointer
may differ (depending on platform/compiler).  There are also
a other number of differences in the API, such as in
related macros.

>In any case, I feel those changes won't be
>released before 2.4,


>so chances are things will get reworked again.