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Re: (ITS#4314) C API for paged results

On Sunday 08 January 2006 19:16, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:

> I would like to this be reworked using ppolicy API as a basis than

Can you specify what you mean by "ppolicy API"? I presume you
mean taking a single control instead of an array?. And assert()ing
on faulty parameters maybe? Anything else?

I see a function ldap_parse_passwordpolicy_control() in ppolicy.c 
that does inline berval parsing, which contrasts with what Pierangelo
said about splitting it up.

> the older sort/vlv control APIs (which should also be reworked).
> Parse routines shouldn't also find the control as this makes it
> harder to use in programs that include their own finding.

Hmm, anything else? ;-) So if I take into account what Pierangelo
and you wrote I arrive at the following API:

    LDAP           *ld,
    unsigned long  pagesize,
    struct berval  *cookie,
    int            iscritical,
    LDAPControl    **ctrlp );

ldap_parse_page_control (
    LDAP           *ld,
    LDAPControl    *ctrls,
    unsigned long  *count,
    struct berval  *cookie );

Changes relative to the previous version:
  - change iscritical from a "const char" to an "int".
  - accept an "LDAPControl *" instead of an "LDAPControl **"
  - return a "struct berval *" instead of a "struct berval **".