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Re: (ITS#4305) BDB-recovery generates bdb cache files with wrong ownership

I can't reproduce this using OpenLDAP software version 2.3.15. I find it
quite likely that running "service ldap start," which is not OpenLDAP
software as the OpenLDAP project does not maintain any "service" command,
is performing recovery without respecting slapd(8) "-u ldap" option.
Please try the following:

1. chown all files listed to ldap:ldap, as now that there are files are
written as root, it's too late for "-u ldap" to matter
2. perform the ls -al as in the report to verify the chown
3. kill -9 slapd and restart it as "slapd -u ldap -g ldap"
directly, i.e. not utilizing the "service" command.
4. try the "ls -al" again, seeing if the file ownership is root:root or