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Re: (ITS#4247) test036 eventually does nothing

> I'm seeing a hang still in current RE23 on dual-processor Linux.

re23, with "threads 8" in the meta DSA: ~900 runs of test035 before I hit
a hang on a dual Athlon (32bit) machine.  The hang, BTW, was not a real
hang, but back-meta was looping on ldap_result() timing out after a
ldap_sasl_bind() because nretries is currently set to "forever" in
test035.  This seems to indicate that wither someting odd is still going
on in libldap(_r) or the listener is a bit broken, because the target
slapd was actually doing nothing, sitting on a "connection_input: conn=...
deferring operation".

I'll now set "nretries" to a finite value to see if it can get out of that
endless loop condition.


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