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RE: (ITS#4269) ldapsearch no LDIF wrap option


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> From: Kurt D. Zeilenga [mailto:Kurt@OpenLDAP.org] 
> At 06:45 AM 12/20/2005, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> >> The Netscape version could optionally turn off LDIF wrap.  
> Handy for 
> >> scripting and pipes etc.  I'm surprised no one has ever done this 
> >> before. Is there a religious movement against it?
> >
> >It's so trivial to workout otherwise that it does not deserve the 
> >coding effort.
> Personally, I rather spend my time making other programs 
> properly accepting conformant LDIF, including line wraps, 
> than to modifying OpenLDAP Software to produce non-compliant 
> LDIF files (note that some line wrapping is required by the 
> open standard).

OK, then why add the integer option?  

> >> Diffs attached for ldapsearch -r (turn off line wrap)
> >
> >I suggest making the -r switch accept an optional arg that specifies 
> >the wrap column, defaulting to LDIF_LINE_WIDTH; so
> >
> >(nothing) means wrap at column LDIF_LINE_WIDTH
> >
> >-r alone means don't wrap at all
> -r 0 instead.
> >-r <positive integer> means wrap at given column

Is -r 3 really an interesting option, or is it just code/feature bloat?
Either you live in an LDIF conformant world and you want the standard
wrap, or you're trying to write a one line script, and you'd rather not
deal with it.  Is there really an interesting in-between usage case?