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Re: (ITS#4269) ldapsearch no LDIF wrap option

At 06:45 AM 12/20/2005, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> The Netscape version could optionally turn off LDIF wrap.  Handy for
>> scripting
>> and pipes etc.  I'm surprised no one has ever done this before. Is there a
>> religious movement against it?
>It's so trivial to workout otherwise that it does not deserve the coding

Personally, I rather spend my time making other programs
properly accepting conformant LDIF, including line wraps, than
to modifying OpenLDAP Software to produce non-compliant LDIF files
(note that some line wrapping is required by the open standard).

>> Diffs attached for ldapsearch -r (turn off line wrap)
>I suggest making the -r switch accept an optional arg that specifies the
>wrap column, defaulting to LDIF_LINE_WIDTH; so
>(nothing) means wrap at column LDIF_LINE_WIDTH
>-r alone means don't wrap at all

-r 0 instead.

>-r <positive integer> means wrap at given column

and appropriate documentation updates please.

>This should be submitted as a patch to HEAD (or at least re23) code.
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