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Re: (ITS#4234) slapd-ldap returns 52 whereas server is available

On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 10:22 +0000, raphael.ouazana@linagora.com wrote:

> Unfortunately I re-lost then recovered the connexion to the remote server
> and after that the proxy start again to work fine.  I'll post a follow-up
> if  I can reproduce this issue.

This would be very important, because it may contribute in shedding some
light on those strange issues about back-ldap and back-meta when they
keep waiting for some response from the remote server while none is
going to be returned.  Apparently, there is some logical path (in both)
that is exceptionally followed, which doesn't handle errors as
appropriate.  Since it's exceptional, it's not easy to reproduce and
thus it is not consistently tracked by the current tests.


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