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RE: (ITS#4197) DynList not return attributes

On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 15:47 +0000, jlin@uci.edu wrote:
> The file is in 'incoming' folder in the ftp site.  I did some find
> and replace to de-personalize some of data entries.

I cannot list that directory.  You need to provide a complete URL to
your file.

> I couldn't ftp my log file (4197-log-2.gz).  It complained:
> 452 Error writing file: No space left on device.
> The log file is about 1.1 MB compressed.  Let me know when I can
> upload after the device is freed up.

Likely no one is allowed to post such a big file (for obvious
reasons...)  Can you reduce the log to the relevant bits?  This would
also speed up debugging...  What I need is essentially, in the relevant
cases, from accept to result of the offending operation(s).


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