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Re: (ITS#4233) gentle shutdowns fail when server has syncrepl clients

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>>> That's really the nature of the gentlehup feature - it doesn't force
>>> clients to disconnect, it waits for them to disconnect on their own. If
>>> you have any clients that never disconnect, then gentlehup will wait
>>> forever. If you really want to shutdown the server, don't use 
>>> gentlehup.
>> On the other hand, syncprov is code controlled by OpenLDAP, so I bet it
>> could be made intelligent enough to gracefully close out the syncrepl
>> threads connected to it too...
> On the whole, I have to say that gentle shutdowns really don't work 
> very well, at least in my production environment.  Since they only 
> stop incoming connections, persistent clients like Apple OS X 
> directory services crud will hang on forever too (and even with a 30 
> second idletimeout, they manage to hang on for 20-30 minutes).  I was 
> wondering if a possibility that might be more useful is to let 
> existing connections finish their current operation (search, write, or 
> whatever), and then disconnect them..
That is what a normal shutdown does. Again, why are you using gentlehup?

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