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Re: (ITS#4240) back-meta loses "connection" with remote backend

On Thu, 2005-12-01 at 20:45 +0000, pfnguyen@hanhuy.com wrote:

> After a long period of time (days or more) slapd needs to be restarted to be
> able to retrieve results from a meta backend.  This does not seem to be related
> to idletimeout as I've tested against another openldap server with the
> idletimeout set to a low value (10 seconds) and back-meta was able to return
> results after being timed out multiple times.
> I don't know what's causing this right now, this is just an issue report.  My
> only current workaround is to restart the ldap server once a day.

According to your report, I'd rather blame the remote server.  However,
a more detailed report may help in shedding some light on this issue.
Can you provide a detailed log (including "trace" and "args", e.g. -d
261) of the request that fails as compared to that of the request that
succeeds?  I understand that having a server on for a long time with
that log level may be an issue, so I suggest you try it on a test system
that is otherwise idle.  You may also increase the loglevel via back-
monitor, by adding the desired log levels to the cn=Log,cn=Monitor entry
when the issue arises.

Another check you could try is attach slapd with a debugger when the
issue arises, and step thru back-meta.  The relevant calls are
meta_back_search(), meta_back_getconn() and meta_back_dobind().


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