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Re: (ITS#4235) Master crashes upon replica's serach request

Hi Quanah,
Below you find the answers to your questions.
Best Regards

>I'm not sure what you mean by "slapd continues to overview all of the
>entries".  slapd should always be able to see all of the entries in its
>database.  I'm also not entirely clear what is taking a long time in your

I started with a stand alone directory loaded by an LDAP client (not through
I think that in this case when you promote your server to master (by adding
syncprov verlay), after start up slapd revises every entry (see the trace in
follow up 2). Is this to add or check an information related to the fact
that now my server is a master ?

Also if I transfer my disk data to a replica, after start up the replica
checks all of the entries with the server through syncrepl protocol.

As I have 10 million entries each operation take many hours.

>Here are some basic questions:
>1) Did you use "-w" with slapadd while loading the master?
I did not use slapdadd.

>2) Did you properly configure DB_CONFIG for the size of your database?
I followed the exemple (250 MB)

>3) I suggest using 2.3.13, there are some improvements to the syncprov
When will it be available ?