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Re: (ITS#4233) gentle shutdowns fail when server has syncrepl clients

quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
> I've noticed that if you initiate a gentlehup shutdown on a syncprovider with
> connected clients, it will never stop slapd, while it waits for the infinate
> syncrepl search to end...
> Nov 29 17:57:39 ldap-dev0.Stanford.EDU slapd[21593]: [ID 199731 local4.debug]
> slapd gentle shutdown
> at
> Tue Nov 29 18:03:17 PST 2005
> it is still happily doing waiting.
> --Quanah

That's really the nature of the gentlehup feature - it doesn't force 
clients to disconnect, it waits for them to disconnect on their own. If 
you have any clients that never disconnect, then gentlehup will wait 
forever. If you really want to shutdown the server, don't use gentlehup.

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