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Re: (ITS#4225) Proxy cache and 10,000 entries

On Tue, 2005-11-29 at 08:27 +0000, ashish@ratboy.net wrote:
> Okay. It seems that the cm->max_queries is hard coded to 10,000 in
> overlays/pcache.c
>         cm->max_queries = 10000;
> We do have queries like (mailLocalAddress=test1@example.com) and return
> Attrib is "mailRoutingAddress"
> and we do have more than 10,000 users! Is it possible to expose the max
> queries?

Good catch.  I think the "right" solution, right now, is to change that
number and recompile.  It would be much better to have that number
configurable, but I were to work at that, I'd entirely rework the input
so that each parameter gets its own config statement.  Note that
"pcache" is one of the few modules that already support table-driven
configuration via back-config, so this redesign would definitely
streamline configuration.  I'll place this in the feature requests.


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