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Re: (ITS#4223) syncprov caused segv

(gdb) print cache_entry
$1 = (bdb_idl_cache_entry_t *) 0xcca888
(gdb) print *cache_entry
$2 = {kstr = {bv_len = 5, bv_val = 0xcb2fe0 "%"}, idl_entry_rwlock = 0x0,
  idl = 0x0, db = 0x38ea58, idl_lru_prev = 0xc34e00, idl_lru_next = 0xcca838}

I'll clean up the config and get it out. Actually, let me try and see if I
can put this back to repro first. (It occurred to me to run a memory
debugger two hours after clearing the testbed and moving on to other
stress tests. DUH. Hard getting back from a holiday.)