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RE: (ITS#4216) slapd terminates unexpectedly

It's also worth noting that the following OS settings were in place when
the exit issue occurs:

ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_time_wait_interval 240000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q 128
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_keepalive_interval 7200000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_deferred_ack_interval 100
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_smallest_anon_port 32768
ulimit -n 256

However when the OS is tuned more aggressively (as below) I've been
unable to reproduce the problem:

ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_time_wait_interval 30000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_conn_req_max_q 1024
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_keepalive_interval 600000
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_deferred_ack_interval 5
ndd -set /dev/tcp tcp_smallest_anon_port 8192
ulimit -n 4096