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Re: Ref : Re: (ITS#4214) 2.3.12/2.3.11 syncrepl compatibility problem

> Your explanation was very helpful.
> The problem occures if I set the "syncrepl" block before "database
> monitor"
> It does not occur if I set the syncrepl block after the bdb block.

If by "before the database monitor" you mean before __any__ database, then
it sounds like you placed the syncrepl on the frontend, so it's trying to
replicate all databases.  I'm not sure this is the intended usage, it
shouldn't be possible though.

If by "after the bdb block" you mean after an instance of the "database
bdb" statement, then it's actually placed __inside__ the bdb block, since
a database block ends with the following "database" statement.  That's the
intended usage.

> My replica config follows.

I didn't get any attachment; you should:

- stop sending emails in html

- copy the relevant portions^(*) into the body of the message


(*) please avoid the comments that come with the sample slapd.conf, the
list of default includes and so, because they're not relevant.  What
should be relevant here is a layout of the database directives, and
anything related to replication.

Pierangelo Masarati