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Re: (ITS#4214) 2.3.12/2.3.11 syncrepl compatibility problem

>> #4  0x080c1d94 in monitor_back_modify (op=0xa38ddf50, rs=0xa38dda40) at
>> modify.c:72
> This error indicates that the monitor database in you replica is
> erroneouslyu configured as a replica (i.e., I guess, a "updatedn"
> directive is set) and someone is trying to write to it.  This should be
> impossible (that's the reason there's an assert(3))  and I believe there
> used to be an earlier check at database startup which apparently has been
> removed or didn't work.  I'll fix it, but I think you need to fix your
> configuration as well.  Please provide details about your consumer (and
> provider) configuration.

However (just tried on HEAD) syncrepl cannot be configured on back-monitor
because the backend does not support some of the required operations, so
the erroneous addition of a "syncrepl" line is already detected.


Pierangelo Masarati