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Re: (ITS#4211) back-relay goes into infinte loop, causing segfault

> ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>> The only reason I see for this exaustion is a misconfiguration of the
>> rewrite stuff; back-relay does its best to detect if the resolved
>> database
>> is ... itself, but apparently the test is failing in this case.  I
>> haven't
>> looked at the issue right now (I bet it's pretty easy to reproduce); I
>> suspect something different than usual is going on when the relayed
>> database is back-config...
> Actually I set up a similar config in HEAD and it worked just fine. For
> the moment I suspect an inconsistent source tree since he's working with
> a hacked 2.3.12.

In HEAD I haven't reproduced the behavior he mentioned, but I found that
other inconsistency I described above.  I'll investigate a bit further.


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