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Re: (ITS#4187) slapd crash

On Sun, 2005-11-20 at 20:30 +0000, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Although you appear to be using simple bind, I'd suggest you check if
> the problem persists with 2.3.12 or if it was already fixed. 

Yes, only simple bind, I haven't even got SASL compiled.  I understand
your reasons for suggesting an upgrade, but these are my production
systems and so I'll need to spend some time testing 2.3.12 to make sure
it all works as expected before I can roll it out.  Unfortunately I
can't work out how to force the error to occur so the only way I'm going
to get it tracked down is by monitoring my production systems.

Would I be okay running 2.3.12 on some boxes and 2.3.11 on others?  I
could possibly just upgrade my backup production box without having an
emergency if anything didn't work...

>  In case
> it's not, please try to gather a stack backtrace from a core dump, so
> that we can try and locate the exact point of failure.
I'm happy to do that, either now or on 2.3.12, but could you give me a
clue where slapd would dump core and whether there is anything special I
need to do to get that to happen.  I suspect its trying to dump in /,
but doesn't have write permission - does that sound correct?


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