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Re: (ITS#4180) slapd (back-sql) hangs/segfaults on SASL bind

On Thu, 2005-11-17 at 15:26 -0700, Nels Lindquist wrote:
> > Can you print the values of authcDN=0xb6c7c678, authzDN=0xb6c7c670
> > below?
> I'm not all that familiar with the operation of gdb... how would I go 
> about doing that?  I'll check the man pages and see what I can find.
> > > #4  0x0808fb77 in slap_sasl_authorized (op=0x9777138,     
> > > authcDN=0xb6c7c678, authzDN=0xb6c7c670) at saslauthz.c:2074  

For instance, from this core, do
(gdb) p *((struct berval *)0xb6c7c678)
(gdb) p *((struct berval *)0xb6c7c670)

much like you would do in C.

The fact that it cores in printf's internals seems to indicate that some
garbage was passed to it instead of a valid string.  Note that in
general printing bervals is not a good idea because in many cases the
intended value is not '\0' terminated.  We should change that as



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