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Re: (ITS#4168) autofs with ldap triggers segfault in kernel

On Tue, 2005-11-15 at 11:43 +0000, ahasenack@terra.com.br wrote:
> Em Segunda 14 Novembro 2005 20:25, você escreveu:
> > Another approach would be to recommend apps developers to move to the
> > non-deprecated APIs.  However, I always find a lot of resistance when it
> > comes to modify code that "ever worked so far".
> Someone mentioned that openldap itself still uses the deprecated API 
> someplaces.

That's (partly) correct.  I recently singled out the last occurrences
the compiler shows last night in HEAD; few remain in the tools, which I
believe it's not a big issue right now, I'll take care of them ASAP
compatibly to my time.  If you find any, please feel free to file an ITS
(patches are welcome, as usual).

Unfortunately, not 100% can be replaced: for example, ldap_sort_values
(3) and ldap_sort_entries(3) have no non-deprecated replacement,
indicating that it's not OpenLDAP software's purpose to sort data the
way end-users like, since there's no unique definition of sorting.
However, we like to provide some sorting in ldapsearch(1), and the
deprecated functions seem just fine for the purpose.


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