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Re: (ITS#4168) autofs with ldap triggers segfault in kernel

> Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> Some debugging symbols, at least the line number would have been of
>> help; anyway, this is more and more convincing of my suspicion about
>> some 64 bit issue (I haven't noticed yet on my amd64, though) because
>> ldap_{sg}et_option() do a lot of pointer-to-anytype conversion with
>> explicit casts, and this is a typical good chance for type mismatch
>> because the cast inhibits compiler warnings.
>> Can you try your best to get line numbers out of there?
> I've rebuild openldap, ensuring -g option is used (which was not the
> case previously), here it is:
> (gdb) bt full
> #0  ldap_set_option (ld=0x55667200, option=17, invalue=0x7fffffb13d44)
>     at options.c:358
>         lo = Variable "lo" is not available.
> (gdb) bt
> #0  ldap_set_option (ld=0x55667200, option=17, invalue=0x7fffffb13d44)
>     at options.c:358

This appears to be

357:        if(ld != NULL) {
358:                assert( LDAP_VALID( ld ) );
360:                if( !LDAP_VALID( ld ) ) {

Note that this code doesn't really differ from OpenLDAP 2.2's, and it's
been there since '99: cvs annotate gives

1.52         (kurt     08-Jun-00):      if(ld != NULL) {
1.26         (kdz      28-May-99):              assert( LDAP_VALID( ld ) );
1.26         (kdz      28-May-99):
1.26         (kdz      28-May-99):              if( !LDAP_VALID( ld ) ) {

Also, I note that "ld" is passed as it is returned by ldap_init() in
autofs-4.1.4/modules/lookup_ldap.c; if ldap_init() returned a NULL, 
ldap_set_option() would not be invoked.  None of Mandriva patches seem to
affect the ldap-related code.

I suspect the real issue is going on in ldap_init(), although I don't see
many changes from 2.2 even there.

> #1  0x00002aaaaaf00ba8 in do_connect (ctxt=0x555555665740,
>     result_ldap=0x7fffffb13d94) at lookup_ldap.c:66
> #2  0x00002aaaaaf00e70 in lookup_init (mapfmt=0x2aaaaaf03920 "sun",
> argc=1,
>     argv=0x7fffffb13f98, context=Variable "context" is not available.
> ) at lookup_ldap.c:180
> #3  0x000055555555aac9 in open_lookup (name=0x7fffffb14a20 "ldap",
>     err_prefix=0x55555555c4dd "", mapfmt=0x0, argc=1, argv=0x7fffffb13f98)
>     at module.c:83
> #4  0x0000555555559da3 in main (argc=Variable "argc" is not available.
> ) at automount.c:1762

Did you compile with -DLDAP_DEPRECATED?


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