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Re: (ITS#4161) Op. attrs. numSubordinates / numAllSubordinates

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> Would be nice if slapd or a suitable backend like back-bdb or back-hdb would
> maintain operational attributes for entries containing the number of direct and
> all subordinate entries.
> These operational attributes should be called numSubordinates and
> numAllSubordinates like on some other LDAP server products and use the Integer
> syntax.

Currently back-hdb already maintains a count of immediate children, 
back-bdb does not. Neither maintains a count of all children. That might 
be expensive to generate, haven't thought about it much.

I'm inclined to reject this request since it can reveal the presence of 
entries that otherwise would not be disclosed (due to ACLs), and the 
work required to conform to ACLs would make it fairly expensive to maintain.

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