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Re: slapd-ldap killed by a broken client (ITS#4117)

> On Ven 4 novembre 2005 19:17, Kurt@OpenLDAP.org wrote:
>> Before running slapd in the gdb, you should tell the
>> gdb to pass all (excepting those gdb uses) to the
>> program without stopping.  That is,
>>         handle all pass nostop
>> You might also want to avoid printing certain signals,
>> that is,
>>         handle SIGHUP noprint
>>         handle SIGPIPE noprint
> I tried that, but I didn't get any really useful information:
> slapd: io.c:210: ber_flush: Assertion `( (sb)->sb_opts.lbo_valid == 0x3 )'

I saw these issues quite a while a go, when I started a big project based
on back-ldap and back-meta; it resulted in lots of work in libldap to
prevent concurrency issues and more, which eventually made it into HEAD
and RE23.  I definitely suggest you try 2.3.11, which is way more robust
with respect to reentrancy of libldap; moreover, all the proxy code is
much better.  I'd appreciate if you could try HEAD code as well; there are
more improvements which should make it into 2.3.12 shortly.  If the
problem persists, we can further investigate the issue.


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