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Re: (ITS#4148) fix for ITS 4134 reintroduces problem fixed in ITS 3980


I think I've found and hopefully fixed the problem...

I found through observation and inserting a few printf's that there was
an issue in the section of ppolicy_modify starting at around line 1189,
where it iterates through each modification to see if it is a delete and
one of pwdGraceUseTime, pwdAccountLockedTime, pwdFailureTime.

It appeared that it was only spotting the first delete modification -
the ldif I was using had the following lines...

delete: pwdGraceUseTime
delete: pwdFailureTime

Neither attribute was present on the replica but it was dropping the
pwdGraceUseTime modification and not dropping the pwdFailureTime.

[I'm not really a C programmer, so some of the following diagnosis might
not be quite spot on!] 

I tracked this down to the for loop...

	for( prev = &op->oq_modify.rs_modlist, ml = *prev; ml;
	                        prev = &ml->sml_next, ml = *prev ) {

...and the drop itself...
   		  	  if ( drop ) {
                                *prev = ml->sml_next;
                                ml->sml_next = NULL;
                                slap_mods_free( ml, 1 );

What I think was happening was that if a modification was dropped
'ml->sml_next = NULL' in the drop code causes 'prev = &ml->sml_next, ml
= *prev' to result in ml being NULL and thus the loop exits without
considering further attributes.  I also suspect this is referencing
already freed memory [but I'm assuming what slap_mods_free() does]
sticking an 'ml = *prev' at the end of the drop code improves this but
still skips one attribute.

The following patch seems to solve the problem in my limited testing

--- servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c.orig       Sat Nov  5 02:09:40 2005
+++ servers/slapd/overlays/ppolicy.c    Sat Nov  5 02:06:08 2005
@@ -1186,8 +1186,7 @@
                a_lock = attr_find( e->e_attrs,
ad_pwdAccountLockedTime );
                a_fail = attr_find( e->e_attrs, ad_pwdFailureTime );

-               for( prev = &op->oq_modify.rs_modlist, ml = *prev; ml;
-                       prev = &ml->sml_next, ml = *prev ) {
+               for( prev = &op->oq_modify.rs_modlist, ml = *prev; ml; )

                        if ( ml->sml_desc ==
slap_schema.si_ad_userPassword )
                                got_pw = 1;
@@ -1217,8 +1216,13 @@
                                        *prev = ml->sml_next;
                                        ml->sml_next = NULL;
                                        slap_mods_free( ml, 1 );
+                                       ml = *prev;
+                                       continue;
+                       prev = &ml->sml_next;
+                       ml = *prev;

                /* If we're resetting the password, make sure grace,





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