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Re: slapd-ldap killed by a broken client (ITS#4117)

On Ven 4 novembre 2005 14:35, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>> This problems appears to be the result of a user error.
>> You need to tell your debugger to pass this and most
>> other signals to slapd(8) so that slapd(8) can properly
>> handle them.  In the case of PIPE, slapd(8) simply
>> ignores the signal.
> If breaking the connection kills slapd __without__ gdb in the middle, as I
> understand the ITS started from, then it's likely a bug; in this case, a
> stack backtrace might be more appropriate to avoid issues with gdb signal
> handling.  Please confirm, otherwise the issue will be closed.

I confirm. I had this bug many times without gdb, and then I tried to
reproduce it under gdb.
The last trace I submited was done typing 'continue' in gdb after the
SIGPIPE. Is it different than to tell gdb to pass the signal to slapd ?

Raphael Ouazana.