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Re: (ITS#4117) slapd-ldap killed by a broken client

On Jeu 3 novembre 2005 15:54, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> One preliminary suggestion is to try 2.3.11, because lot of work
> occurred on libldap concurrency issues which is very unlikely to be
> backported to 2.2.  Note that 2.3 proxying (slapd-ldap/meta, slapo-rwm
> and so) received a lot of attention recently, and it's far better than
> 2.2 ever.  If you can't reproduce the issue with 2.3, then you should
> definitely consider updating, at least the proxy.

I'll try with 2.3.11, but I don't think it is a concurrency issue as my
broken client is the only one.

Raphael Ouazana.