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Re: (ITS#4102) ITS 4064 seems to break sasl/gssapi binds to AD

At 03:24 PM 11/2/2005, hyc@symas.com wrote:
>Kyle_Chapman@G1.com wrote:
>> i can say that in 2000 as well as 2003, AD behaves the same with this particular issue.  2003AD supports digest-md5 (i didnt know that) and that works fine with all the recent changes to cyrus.c...
>> would it be fair to say the easiest fix for now is to send a note to MS and for folks who need sasl/gssapi support with AD, should make a slight change (at least it is now) to cyrus.c??
>That sounds reasonable to me.
>Too bad the API doesn't define an error code for protocol errors 
>detected on the client side. LOCAL_ERROR seems a bit too vague...


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