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Re: (ITS#4096) ppolicy overlay doesn't work when there are subordinate databases

kevins@bmrb.co.uk wrote:
> I also neglected to mention that this was working fine in 2.2.19 with
> the ppolicy module from cvs hacked in.
In what way did it "work fine" in 2.2? The glue code doesn't intercept 
Bind requests, in either 2.2 or 2.3. Nor does it intercept extended 
operations. In 2.2 it didn't intercept write operations of any kind.

For 2.3, one would expect that configuring any overlay on the superior 
DB should take effect for all the subordinates as well. You may need to 
explicitly manage the order of overlay instances to get the desired 
effect, as noted in slapd.conf(5). Certainly the 2.3 glue code needs to 
be extended to support Binds.

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