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Re: (ITS#4092) PATCH: back-shell additional connection information

I note that patch does not contain a IPR statement as required
by our contributing guidelines.  Please add an appropriate
statement to the top of the patch file.  See <http://www.openldap.org/devel/contributing.html>
for details.

The changes would likely break some existing uses of back-shell.
I think it would be good to only send additional fields when
configured to do so.  I would suggest adding an extensible
configuration option so that if someone else desires to further
extend back-shell with additional fields, they can share the
same configuration mechanism.  Something like:

  extensions binddn peername ssf

would do.

Regards, Kurt

At 06:57 AM 10/16/2005, b.candler@pobox.com wrote:
>Full_Name: Brian Candler
>Version: HEAD
>URL: http://psg.com/~brian/software/openldap-backshell-conn.patch
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>This is an enhancement to add extra meta-attributes to requests sent to
>back-shell modules. They are:
>binddn: <currect connection bound DN>
>peername: <connection peer IP address>
>ssf: <connection SSF value>
>Note: the UNBIND command now sends the current bind DN twice, as 'binddn:' and
>Dropping the 'dn:' line would make things cleaner, at the slight risk of not
>being backwards-compatible (is there anything useful you can do in back-shell
>for an UNBIND request though??)