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Re: (ITS#4090) EPOLL fix makes slapd crash on linux 2.4.31 PPC

SR, ESC wrote:
> Le sam 2005-10-15 a 14:28:28 -0400, Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> a dit:
>> simon@nuit.ca wrote:
>>> machines are older 32bit PowerPC machines. why i mention this is
>>> because i think it's platform specific.  .
>> Sounds like you should file a bug report with the PPC Linux kernel
>> maintainers. In the meantime, you should configure OpenLDAP without
>> epoll support. Set ac_cv_header_sys_epoll_h=no before running the
>> configure script. (Or just manually comment out the HAVE_EPOLL
>> define in include/portable.h.)
> i'll try it. i don't know if it's a bug with the kernel, or with
> openldap, i don't know enough about it, but just to make sure i'll ask
> this: i assume that you try to take into account various architectures
> in coding this software, but i just want to make sure that you are,
> since this isn't the first time i've seen bugs in software projects
> that result from the devels involved not taking into account issues
> like BE and LE (big endian/little endian), and many other little
> quirks of the various arches. 
> i'll say this: i haven't seen such problems before with openldap, so
> it'd be surprising to see this be the case. hopefully it's just a
> kernel bug. i'll go do some more research on EPOLL, relationship to
> the kernel, etc. just so i grok this.
There are no byte-ordering dependencies with the epoll() API. Any 
architectural dependencies would only exist inside the kernel and not be 
exposed above the system call layer, which is why I suggested you 
contact the PPC Linux kernel maintainers. Your concern about our 
awareness of such elementary portability issues is unfounded.

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