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Re: (ITS#4089) slapcat includes subordinate databases when -n or -b used

Kevin Spicer wrote:
> On Sat, 2005-10-15 at 18:17 +0100, Howard Chu wrote: 
>> The slapd.conf(5) man page states:
>> If the slap tools slapcat(8), slapadd(8), or slapindex(8) are used on
>> the superior database, any glued subordinates that support these tools
>> are opened as well
> That explains why I couldn't find it, I was looking for this in the
> slapcat man page, which gives no hint of that behaviour.  Perhaps this
> should be added there as well?
>> Currently there is no way to override this behavior. I guess we can
>> treat this ITS as an enhancement request.
> Thanks
This is now patched in HEAD, get the latest backglue.c, slapcommon.c, 
and proto-slap.h. Specify the database numerically (use -n) and you 
should only get the top database. The -b behavior is unchanged. I'll add 
notes to the manpages shortly.

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