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Re: (ITS#4090) EPOLL fix makes slapd crash on linux 2.4.31 PPC

also, i had a suspicion that it might be kernel version related. indeed it 
was, since i installed a 2.6.12 kernel on the slave, rebooted to it, and when 
slapd started up, it finally did, but a side-effect was that CPU usage by 
slapd jumped to 90+ %.  same on the master. i even slapadded a backup made 
earlier that day after rm -rfing the database files, and it would still run 
at high CPU. the bdb version is 4.3.28 (now has 4.3.29 installed).

both machines are older 32bit PowerPC machines. why i mention this is because 
i think it's platform specific.