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Re: (ITS#4025) Ppolicy overlay: objectIdentifierMatch rule doesn't understand descriptions

At 09:00 AM 9/28/2005, hyc@symas.com wrote:
>It wasn't clear to me that it 
>was a good idea to change the objectIdentifier syntax behavior for all 
>of slapd, so the patch is specific to the pwdAttribute attributeType. 

It's clear to me that descriptor matching must be specific
to the attribute type, as one must know what kind of descriptor
is involved in order to do matching as descriptors are only
unique within a particular kind (attributetype, objectclass,
matchingrule, etc.).

Hence, descriptor matching can only be provided in objectIdentifierMatch
for built-in attributetypes.  There really should be
objectClassMatch, attributeTypeMatch, MatchingRuleMatch, etc.