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Re: slapadd shows wrong error message on non-readable ldif file (ITS#4044)

On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 02:25:30PM +0000, Howard Chu wrote:
> The error message is correct. See the slapadd(1) manpage, the "-f" option is for
> specifying a config file, and you have specified an invalid config file. You
> want the "-l" option for specifying an LDIF input file. As there is no software
> bug here, this ITS will be closed.

Yes, I understand the invocation error.  But compare the error message
with the one given by -l on an unreadable file: that one _does_ tell
me the file is unreadable.  There is still an erroneous error message
in the -f case.

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