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Re: (ITS#4043) ldap_init deprecated?

ldap_init(3) was obsoleted by ldap_initialize(3).  New
programs are encouraged to use the latter.  Builders
of old programs can define LDAP_DEPRECATED=1 through
their build environment until such time the old
programs are updated.

RFC 1823 is an informational specification for a API to a
now historic protocol, LDAPv2.

draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-xx.txt is an expired draft
detailing an API for LDAPv3 (and LDAPv2).  It's dead

The OpenLDAP client library follows draft-ietf-ldap-c-api-xx.txt
in places, and in other places, it doesn't.  The current
client library API is specified in <ldap.h> and the
library code (unfortunately the man pages are not all
up to date).

As <ldap.h> is as intended, this report will be closed.

At 11:54 AM 9/26/2005, rgorosito@afip.gov.ar wrote:
>Full_Name: Ricardo Ariel Gorosito
>Version: 2.3.7
>OS: Linux
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>in OpenLDAP 2.3.7 ldap_init appears to be deprecated. Quote from ldap.h:
> * in open.c:
> */
>ldap_init LDAP_P(( /* deprecated */
>        LDAP_CONST char *host,
>        int port ));
>RFC 1823, draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-xx.txt, and man ldap_open say "At this
>time, ldap_init() is preferred. ldap_open() will be depreciated in a later
>Thanks in advance