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(ITS#4033) Enhancement requests : Need LDIF parsing API's

Full_Name: RAVI CR
Version: Current
URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
Submission from: (NULL) (

Feature requests :  Need LDIF parsing API's 
Developers want  to use  these  API's in their application for parsing the LDIF

Present LDIF API's: 
The API's only provides lexical analysis part of LDIF handing and not the actual
LDIF parsing.  The routines only handle line continuations and breaking lines
around the colon.  They do not parse LDIF elements, such as an
ldif-attrval-record or ldif-change-record, into C structures.  The caller of
these routines is expected to do that parsing. (For EG :    ldapmodify.c  code 
handles the LDIF parsing).

A high-level LDIF API Set should be designed and implemented as a library. This
API would define C structures for LDIF elements such as ldif-attrval-record and
ldif-change-record, and provide facilities for translating them to LDAPMod