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Re: OpenLDAP port to strict POSIX 1003.1-2001 hosts (ITS#2667)

Kurt Zeilenga wrote:

>I note that the notice your provided is incomplete.  It
>doesn't actually contain a copyright statement or
>public domain release.
>No matter.  I have already made a determination that
>no notice is required in this case as the changes
>are quite small; likely, in themselves, not
>copyrightable; and would have to be adapted anyways
>to usable in HEAD.
>Hallvard, feel free to adapt and apply this patch,
>or portions of it, to HEAD.

Thank you for checking into it.  I myself just checked out the head
now and don't see any need for the patch.  Perhaps Hallvard has
already applied it.  If so, thanks again.