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Re: (ITS#3982) libldap compile settings

At 03:58 AM 9/3/2005, nbk@sitadelle.com wrote:
>Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
>> Should be rewritten from scratch (to avoid possible gtk-config derivation)
>I'm sorry for letting a "gtk-config" slip in the usage() function. This is
>really a stupid mistake. I can provide a new patch if you wish.

No.  If you hadn't made the 'mistake', I would have had to ask
whether your contribution was based on 3rd party code.  Once
knowing that it was, the decision of how to address issued
that arise from that would have been the same.

>I don't understand what you mean by "rewritten from scratch".

IMO, I believe the best way to address the 3rd party code issues
is to simply rewrite the script from scratch.  That is, it would
be far more work for the Project to analysis 3rd party code issues
than to write a new script from scratch.

I note that I haven't yet looked at any technical issues with regards
to your submission.  The above is purely an (initial) IPR evaluation.

I note the same problem you have in determining the dependencies
of -lldap/-lldap, we would have in determining dependendencies of
-lsasl, -lssl, and various other libraries we might depend on.
Without a sasl_config, ssl_config, and other such scripts for
these dependencies, or autoconf detection of their dependencies,
I think any openldap_config script we would provide would be broken.
I vaguely recall having this discussion before.