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Re: (ITS#3971) slapo-glue dissolving after one query

Perry Nguyen wrote:

> Alright, I've also tried Ando's suggestion of purely running back-meta 
> without back-ldap/rwm.  In the back-meta + subordinate setup, I am 
> able to do what I want.  So I guess there is still a problem with rwm 
> and backglue.

Actually, there has been no activity to address the (potential) issue 
with glue (formerly slapo-glue) and slapo-rwm; you can safely use them 
if slapo-rwm is used as a global overlay that rewrites all operations 
(and, by configuring it accordingly, you make intecept only the relevant 
DNs). I'll keep this open as a reminder that slapo-rwm needs be reworked.


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