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Re: (ITS#3979) glue mixtures can confuse slapadd

Howard Chu writes:
> Perhaps it was a mistake to remove the OpenLDAP 2.2 "subordinate"
> config syntax, as that usage would have prevented this type of
> configuration from occurring. Maybe we should add the old syntax back
> in, and have the overlay automatically inserted, like some of the
> others do?

Should be OK either way as long as bad configuration gives a useful
error message.  I do feel it fit better to specify the gluing in the
subordinate database than in the root database, but that's just my
personal preference.

(If "subordinate" is added back, I presume it would need the
async and advertise optional parameters that "glue-sub" accepts.)

>>    database  bdb
>>    suffix    cn=kids,cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no
>>    directory /tmp/db/kids
>>    # Does not support slapadd/slapcat
>>    database  ldap
>>    suffix    cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no
>>    uri       ldap://ldap.uio.no/
>>    overlay   glue
>>    glue-sub  cn=kids,cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no
>>    database  bdb
>>    suffix    dc=uio,dc=no
>>    directory /tmp/db/uio
>>    overlay   glue
>>    glue-sub  cn=people,dc=uio,dc=no