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Re: (ITS#3989) syncprov core dumps when combined with uniqueness overlay

quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
> An odd thing that immediately jumps out to me here is the index_param error for
> the uniqueness overlay attribute "suUniqueIdentifier".  No where in the man page
> does it say there needs to be an index on unique attributes, although I
> understand why it probably *should* be.

Quite frankly I consider it redundant and inappropriate for *any* 
overlay's documentation to mention indexing, since indexing is not a 
function of any overlay. It is sufficient that the overlay's doc 
mentions that it functions by performing searches.

What you do to make those searches efficient is up to you as the 
administrator, in the context of the actual backend that is combined 
with the overlay. I.e., you are expected to use your brain and make the 
logical connection between "this overlay performs a search" and 
"searches on this backend type may be indexed to improve performance." 
Clearly it is beyond the scope of an overlay author's responsibility to 
make this connection for you, since overlays are intended to be usable 
with any backend and the majority of backends don't support indexing.

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