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Re: (ITS#3954) slapd stability problems with bdb backend

adrian.gschwend@bfh.ch wrote:
> Full_Name: Adrian Gschwend
> Version: 2.2.27
> OS: FreeBSD 5.3
> URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/adrian-gschwend-050819.gdb-backtrace.log
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> slapd consumes 100% cpu and never quits after add or delete operations. I
> described the issues detailed under the following URLs:
The backtrace indicates a deadlock in the syncrepl persistent search 
code. This code is known to suffer from a number of deadlock issues in 
OpenLDAP 2.2, the only fix is to use OpenLDAP 2.3.

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