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Re: (ITS#3854) variables used uninitialized: acl.c, accesslog.c

These bugs are still there, except 'control'.
The acl.c rewrite did not affect them, and accesslog.c was not fixed:


At line 1221, "level" is used before it is initialzed.  (Looks like the
initialization slightly below that should simply be moved up, but I
don't have time to learn the ACL code now.)

slap_access_allowed() does not set 'mask' before 'goto done' in the
'if ( access_level == ACL_WRITE && ... )', nor in the
'if ( st_same_attr )' when 'if ( !ACL_IS_INVALID ... )' is not taken.


At Line 847, accesslog_response():case LOG_EN_MODIFY,
'a' is used in the loop even though it is only set after the loop.