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Re: (ITS#3964) test041 with ldbm - ldapsearch failed (32)!

I didn't notice that (haven't been compiling or testing with ldbm for a
while).  The way back-ldbm tests for disclose access to the search base is
not consistent with the way the same test is performed by back-bdb/hdb. 
They should give the same result, though; the problem lies in how ACIs
(and, I suspect, the dynacl API) handle the last argument of
access_allowed_mask().  This has been already noted in ITS#3963, and will
likely need some development and reworking of ACIs.  In the meanwhile, I
suspect I need to disable all "disclose" checking from test041.  In any
case, it appears test041 was worth implementing, though :).


Pierangelo Masarati

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