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Re: (ITS#3931) slapcat -a doesn't work

> There was a bug in the matching routine used to evaluate entryDN
> matches, this is now fixed in HEAD slapd/dn.c rev 1.176. This bug is
> completely unrelated to the changes in Ando's proposed patch(es). Ando's
> latest patch looks OK, but I'm ambivalent about whether it should really
> go in.  It seems to me that slapcat should not be filtering on things
> that aren't actually in the entry data, especially since those
> operational attrs are removed from the output so you can't use them to
> cross-check the results. Nor should those operational attrs be included
> in the output, because we don't want them being fed in again on a
> subequent slapadd.

I concur.  Currently, the only advantage of using that patch would be the
possibility to use the "subschemaSubentry" and, with more work, the
"hasSubordinates" attributes in the filter, which seems to add no value to
slapcat.  Maybe we can just keep the patch handy in the Contrib ITS in cas
it gets more useful in the future.


Pierangelo Masarati

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