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Re: (ITS#3939) min/max function extension to LDAP protocol

LDAP already provides a mechanism for performing this function,
by use of the paging (1 page of 1 entry) [RFC2696] and sorting
[RFC2891] controls.  Of course, slapd(8) does not support the
sorting control.

Given this is (or can be assumed to be) a request for enhancement
to OpenLDAP Software and not a request to enhance LDAP (if the
latter, the OpenLDAP ITS is not the right place to request
enhancements to LDAP be made), I suggest this ITS be regarded
as a request to implement the sorting control.


At 10:58 PM 8/14/2005, quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>Full_Name: Quanah Gibson-mount
>Version: HEAD
>OS: Solaris 8
>URL: ftp://ftp.openldap.org/incoming/
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>It would be particularly useful to have a way to query for the max or min value
>of a given attribute from a server.  In particular, this would help sync
>replication by allowing a client to quickly determine whether or not its context
>CSN is still valid.  This is important, because if a provider shuts down after
>setting its context CSN to an entry that has been deleted, or has been modified
>twice, since the consumers contectCSN,the consumer has to run a very exhaustive
>search to figure out whether or not its contextCSN is still valid.  Having the
>min function would immediately let it know whether or not its contextCSN was
>still valid.
>The max one could be used for things like max uid in db, etc.