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Re: (ITS#3931) slapcat -a doesn't work

--On Saturday, August 13, 2005 7:55 PM +0200 Pierangelo Masarati 
<ando@sys-net.it> wrote:

>>> The correct matchingRule is "dnSubtreeMatch"; with it, the filter you're
>> To me, part of the problem here is that this filter says: "Dump
>> everything in the database that doesn't match".
> That filter says "dump nothing", since it's using an undefined
> matchingRule; you should have used "dnSubtreeMatch".

Ah, okay.

>   Which, since it apparently was not a
>> valid filter, should have been everything, not nothing (0 size db).  That
>> would indicate to me that there are problems with the filter evaulation
>> in and of itself.
>> It sounds from what you are saying that "-a" can also only be used on a
>> running slapd, which in and of itself can be problematic.
> I'm saying that for filters that use volatile attributes.  If you do
> "slapcat -a "(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)" it works as expected.  The
> suggested fix is not too hard to implement, provided we can ensure all
> stuff like plugins/overlays get intialized and work in tool mode as they
> do in server mode; I'm not 100% positive about this.  If worth the effort,
> the fix is a few lines of code.

I'd be willing to try the fix, I think it is worth the effort. ;)  At least 
in my environment, we periodically dump a subtree and recreate it from our 
master Sybase database, especially when we make multiple changes to the 


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